Plumbing services

Have you ever tried fixing your pipes, toilets, and faucets on your own, only to find out that you seem to be aggravating the problem instead of solving it? Home repairs like these may sound easy in theory, but once you’re faced with a burst pipe or a hopelessly clogged drain, you will see that these actually require expert help. At Drain Doctors, you are assured of top-notch professional services for any of your residential plumbing needs. We know how annoying it is to deal with a faucet dripping throughout the night, knowing that it’s hard-earned money that’s going down the drain. We understand how frustrating it can be to realize that your water heater suddenly refuses work in the middle of a cold winter week.  We know how saddening it is when you buy a brand-new Jacuzzi bath tub, only to find out that your pipe system is not equipped to handle its extensive water requirements. We understand how embarrassing it can be when your guest uses the toilet and the flush does not function properly, flooding the entire bathroom in the process. All these small home disasters can be avoided with regular upkeep from your trusted plumbers. Our expert plumbing services cover the following:

  • Complete Plumbing Services
  • Clogged Drains / Sewer Repair
  • Faucets / Garbage Disposals
  • Toilets / Water Heaters

Plus emergency services you can count on every time you need instant help with your waterworks system at home.

New construction services

Moving into your new home? Let us in to prepare the way for you before you dress it up in your own personal style. We will install your plumbing system from underground drainage to tub and shower installations and everything in between. Your home will certainly feel like a more pleasant place to live in when your waterworks are installed properly. Or, if you prefer to have remodeling in your kitchen or bathroom, we can also assist you with that. Finally, we can help install ADA fixtures in your bathroom to ensure that it complies with the latest safety standards.